In My On Words!

Hello everyone! As we continue to move into the 21st century. Our Natural Resources are being depleted. We have become more dependent on our Natural Resources more than ever, with the use of tons of coal, thousands of gallons of oil, harvesting forest after forest, polluting our oxygen sources and contamination of our fresh water ways, we simply must stop continuing business usual! Our Natural Resources will not always be be here if we continue to abuse them like we currently are doing! I have news for everyone the well is running dry. What are we going to do when there are no more trees and all our water is polluted? I would like to simply submit this to you NOW is the time to start preserving our Natural Resources!!!!

Helpful Tips

  • Take showers rather than baths
  • Wash full loads of laundry
  • Make sure your dish washer is full
  • Change air conditioner / heater filters monthly
  • Properly insulate your hot water heater 
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