4 Diseases Associated with Dust Mites

1)      Allergic Asthma:  A recurring difficulty in breathing caused by allergy to an external protein (such as dust mites). Wheezing, coughing, or tightness of the chest is common symptoms.

2)      Hay Fever (rhinitis): Symptoms of allergic hay fever are sneezing, itching, nasal discharge, a blocked nose or congestion. House dust mites are a common cause of year round hay fever. Rhinitis can also progress to involve other parts of the respiratory tract (e.g. the lungs)

3)      Conjunctivitis: Symptoms include watery, itchy, burning or redness of the eye. The eye has no mechanical barrier to stop the impact of allergens on its surface (pollen/mite droppings).

4)      Eczema: Exposure to the mite allergens can increase a ‘flare up’ or cause an eruption on non-diseased skin. Test show that removing mites for mite allergic patients improves the condition greatly.

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2 Responses to 4 Diseases Associated with Dust Mites

  1. Tan San says:

    Eww! I need to clean my house. Thanks for the info!

  2. Ina Quicho says:

    The house dust mite (sometimes referred to by allergists as HDM) is a cosmopolitan guest in human habitation. Dust mites feed on organic detritus such as flakes of shed human skin and flourish in the stable environment of dwellings. House dust mites are a common cause of asthma and allergic symptoms worldwide. `”‘`

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